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Our Team!


Our groomers have chosen to work for Muddy Mutts because they understand the stress the pet feels after being stuck in a cage all day, groomed in an assembly line fashion. They know that
your pet deserves one-on-one attention, and are willing to give him/her that attention during
the appointment. 
We offer a relaxed and stress-free grooming experience. We provide a sanitary environment where groomers are professional and deliver a high quality groom that you will love!

Meet the Groomers


Hello! I have been in grooming since late 2010. I love working
with all kinds of breeds and unexpectedly through the years seem to have found a love for the little havanese. I have a good deal of experience working with all breeds, however – from puppies, to nervous dogs and senior pets. My goal is to take the best possible care of each pet I am able to work with and adapt my groom to meet the needs of both pet and parent. When not working, I am blessed to be a full time wife and mother of several both fur and otherwise. I am so grateful to be able to say that I thoroughly love what I do!



Hi, I'm Jamie! I found my passion for grooming at Live Oaks while I was still in high school, and quickly found it was a perfect blend of my love for animals and my creative artistic side. I have two Chinese Cresteds and a Standard Poodle, and enjoy spending my free time training and doing agility with them! My favorite breeds to work with are poodles and cavaliers, but I enjoy working with each individual dog and learning how to keep my clients, furry and human, the happiest they can be! 



My name is Collin and I am a groomer assistant at Muddy Mutts. I also work at the self serve pet wash. I especially enjoy the satisfaction of working with double coated dogs who are shedding heavily. I have two dogs at home - a Great Pyrenees named Clyde and a Jack Russell Terrier named Daisy. In Fall of 2020, I graduated from the Applied Administration, Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies program at the University of Cincinnati. I currently have my Private Pilot license and I am working towards the completion of my Commercial Pilot certificate.



Hi, I’m Brittany! I have been grooming for ten years and
enjoy it very much. My favorite breed trim is the Bichon Frisé but I also enjoy giving extra TLC to seniors and pets with special needs. I also have a bachelor’s degree in statistics from NKU. When I am not grooming I enjoy spending time with my animals
at home, reading, and playing video games.



Hi! I have been grooming for 5 years now. I've always been an animal lover and an artist, and dog grooming lets me have both in my life! Growing up, my family has always had dogs in the home, all different kinds. I love learning each dogs personality and what makes them unique. I love working with all breeds of dogs; from little fluffy shih tzus to big furry doodles. I just want to make them all comfortable and beautiful!



Hi my name is Jordan. I’ve been a groomer for 8 years. I joined the Muddy Mutts team in 2019 working in the salon and also mobile. Outside of work I enjoy reading, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with my family and friends. I also have two golden retrievers, a toy poodle, and three cats of my own. I enjoy grooming and especially like adding splashes of Asian fusion flair to pets to make them look extra adorable.



Greetings! I’m Ala, this is what my face looks like without a mask. I’m not a groomer, I just play one on TV. I also tell bad jokes. I’ve always loved any animal really, so of course I love that my job is to greet the pups (and their humans) when they come in for a groom!



Hello! My name is Dawn Snethen  I am a born and raised South Dakota girl who moved to Ohio 7yrs ago to work for a great grooming company, Muddy Mutts.  I have 35 years of experience grooming dogs and worked at  several grooming salons but none have compared to the wonderful company I work for now. I also have the privilege of grooming exclusively for our Mobile Grooming service.  Would love to come and provide some TLC for your beloved pet!



Hi! My name is Madison, but I go but Maddie. I attended Live Oaks in high school where I first started gaining an interest and learning about grooming. I am currently
a bather, but I am training to become a full time groomer.
I love working at Muddy Mutts; it allows me to see all the pups and the different kind of dog breeds.
I have a few animals of my own - two cats and a dog that is a Chinese crested.



Hey! My name is Summer! I started grooming in 2011, as a bather. After about a year, I went to grooming school to become a groomer. I groom both dogs and cats. I recently graduated from Paul Mitchell of Cincinnati for cosmetology. I have 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 4 bearded dragons. I have a 5 year old daughter who loves to help out with all the animals around the house. I enjoy grooming all breeds, but I love poodles; I have two of my own that I enjoy practicing on!



Hi! I am Tami and the proud owner of Muddy Mutts. After teaching for seven years in Houston, Texas, I returned home to Cincinnati to follow my dream of opening my own grooming salon. After working for a corporate grooming salon for two years, I decided in 2008 to open Muddy Mutts Mobile Grooming. In 2014, I expanded
the business and opened a state-of-the-art grooming salon with a fabulous team of groomers and bathers. I enjoy grooming all breeds, but have an affinity for golden retrievers and terriers, especially Westies. I have two daughters and enjoy spending
my free time with my family, traveling, and golfing. 

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